The Constellio team is proud to release its version 1.2

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The Constellio team is proud to release its version 1.2

Rida Benjelloun
Constellio Enterprise Search team is proud to launch the version 1.2 of its
powerful Open Source search engine software. Based on Google Search
Appliance connectors and Apache Solr, Constellio allows, by a single search,
to find all available information. The software is also compliant with the
security requirements of the organisation.

This new version brings significant improvements to the search engine.
Constellio is now CMIS compliant. This allows him to connect with all
compatible systems using this standard, such as Alfresco, Nuxeo, Liferay,
Drupal, etc.

We also want to thank everyone who has downloaded Constellio. Many important
changes have been done in this new version

Here are some new features developed in the 1.2 version

•             CMIS connector

•             XML connector using Xpath language

•             Alert mechanism and RSS feeds

•             Google OneBox technology integration

•             Automatic recording of historical research

•             Favorite documents registration

•             Favorite queries registration

•             Improvement of the learning mechanism used in the relevance
calculation of search results

•             Sitemaps protocol support for HTTP connectors

•             Multiselect facets using Ajax technology

Rida Benjelloun
Constellio -  Doculibre
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