Token Factory attribute in filter tag

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Token Factory attribute in filter tag

    How does this attribute "token factory" within filter work?

     In this link [click
is the usage of token factory in the synonym filter tag. Here I see the
white space token at index time then a synonym filter followed by white
space token factory. What is role of white space token factory in this case?

Say for example if i have data at index time is : "Tourist place xyz  Infant
Jesus church  Coles park Cafe coffee Day"

Synoyms: Hang out, Outing, Tourist place
Cafe Coffee Day, CCD,Cafe shop

How does the 2 tokens together plays role of splitting the above data .

Please anyone explain me for one of the example followed:   When user search
"Hang out", how does the data gets split to match to synonym in list. {any
appropriate link related to this is also fine}

Awaiting reply