Tomcat: The requested resource (/solr/update) is not available.

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Tomcat: The requested resource (/solr/update) is not available.

Matt Mitchell-2

I've got an app using Cocoon and Solr, both running through Tomcat.  
The file has been modified to grab local files, send it to  
Cocoon (via http), the Solr-fied xml from Cocoon is then sent to the  
update url in Tomcat/Solr. Not sure any of that is relevant though!

I'm running the file like: ../xml/*.xml

Which sends all of the files in xml to the script.

Most of the POSTs work fine, but every once in a while I'll get:

"The requested resource (/solr/update) is not available."

So my questions is this, is there a problem with sending all of those  
post requests to solr all at once? Should I be waiting to get an "ok"  
response before posting the next? Or is it OK to just blast solr like  
that? I'm wondering if its a Tomcat issue?