*** URGENT: Provide your Board Report *NOW* ***

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*** URGENT: Provide your Board Report *NOW* ***

Noel J. Bergman

Your report is well overdue, and were it not for the fact that the Board
pushed back their meeting by a week this month, the Incubator report would
have already been submitted, noting that yours had not been submitted.
Please get your report posted IMMEDIATELY.

The report is being accumulated at:

This is a quarterly obligation for all ASF projects, Incubator or otherwise.
It was announced to everyone weeks ago.  Please do not be late again.

Also, a number of projects have not updated their STATUS files.  Please do
so immediately.  If you do not know how, ask your Mentor.  If that doesn't
work, please notify the Incubator PMC.

        --- Noel

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