Using Gitbox and Nutch-2.4

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Using Gitbox and Nutch-2.4

Hello everybody,

My question may have already been asked, but I'm not a developer.

I am using Nutch-2.4 with Hbase-1.6 on my Linux Fedora laptop. The goal
is to expand my server farm.
I find version 2 with Hbase faster than version 1 which gave me a lot of

Is there a link to a page that explains how to pull Nutch-2.4 updates
into a folder that would allow me to compile Nutch with the latest patches?
Is it possible to do the same for hbase which is listed in the master

If not, can you explain the procedure to me?

I asked Google but I couldn't find a procedure specific to Nutch's
gitbox. I crawl a lot before asking a question here.

For more efficiency, is it possible to ask the generatorJob to take into
account the links that have not yet been crawled?

Thank you for all your development work that you offer us.

Sylvain M.