Using policy/preference/... to keep certain collections split?

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Using policy/preference/... to keep certain collections split?

Koen De Groote

I'm trying to achieve that no replicas of collection A exist on the same
host as a replica of collection B.

Using Solr7.6

Both are large collections/will become large collections and load on 1
should not impact the other in any way. They will both be queried heavily,

So, I'm looking for a solution to that. Ideally, after the initial setup,
it would suffice to just add solr hosts, let zookeeper know about the new
host(s), it balances itself. Ideally.

I've been going over the following pages:

But I can't seem to find what I need. Or I'm just not understanding it

The collections already exist, I'm trying to find a command I can run, with
a specification in it, and once solr receives that, it starts re-arranging
things on its own.

It's probably just the case that I'm not properly understanding what's
required to properly orchestrate this.

Thanks in advance,
Koen De Groote