[VOTE] Release Apache Nutch 0.9

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Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Nutch 0.9

Dennis Kubes
Yeah, I agree, I just didn't know how to proceed with the new branch
structure.  I will go ahead and put it into the trunk if there are no
objections from anyone.


Andrzej Bialecki wrote:

> Dennis Kubes wrote:
>> That works.  I created the JIRA and attached your patch.  It passes
>> all build tests and works on my 150K run across my 5 machine dev
>> cluster. Should we go ahead and commit this?
> Well, we certainly have to commit it to trunk, but not to branch-0.9 -
> as we keep testing and discovering new issues, and patching them, we
> will never make a release ... I think for issues that are not critical
> or blocker we should press forward, otherwise we will have to wait
> another 72 hours, and another, and another ...
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Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Nutch 0.9

In reply to this post by Sami Siren-2
Hi Guys,

 Alrighty, that's 4 binding votes (Sami, Andrzej, me, and Dennis), so I
think we can safely move forward with the release process. I will finish the
release up when I get back to my home computer tonight (~5pm Pacific
Standard Time, Los Angeles).

 Thanks, and I will get this thing wrapped up tonight! :-)


On 4/4/07 8:04 AM, "Sami Siren" <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Chris Mattmann wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> I have posted a candidate for the Apache Nutch 0.9 release at
>>  http://people.apache.org/~mattmann/nutch_0.9/rc2/
>> Please vote on releasing these packages as Apache Nutch 0.9.
> +1
> --
>  Sami Siren

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