[VOTE] Release PyLucene 8.3.0

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[VOTE] Release PyLucene 8.3.0

Andi Vajda-2

The PyLucene 8.3.0 (rc1) release tracking the recent release of
Apache Lucene 8.3.0 is ready.

A release candidate is available from:

PyLucene 8.3.0 is built with JCC 3.7, included in these release artifacts.

JCC 3.7 supports Python 3.3 up to Python 3.8 (in addition to Python 2.3+).
PyLucene may be built with Python 2 or Python 3.

Please vote to release these artifacts as PyLucene 8.3.0.
Anyone interested in this release can and should vote !

Thanks !


ps: the KEYS file for PyLucene release signing is at:

pps: here is my +1