Which nutch-site.xml wins?

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Which nutch-site.xml wins?

Chris Schneider-2

I apologize if this issue has been covered already, but I didn't find
it anywhere in recent posts to the lists.

I note that a copy of nutch-site.xml exists within the
nutch-0.8-dev.jar, within the nutch-0.8-dev.job, and within the conf/
directory of an unpacked nutch-0.8-dev.tar. It seems like the
bin/nutch script puts both the conf/ directory
) and the nutch-0.8-dev.job file into the classpath (in that order),
but never does add the nutch-0.8-dev.jar file to the classpath.

 From the above, I'd guess that the contents of the conf/ directory
win out over the contents of the nutch-0.8-dev.job file, and that the
nutch-0.8-dev.jar file is ignored completely. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance,

- Chris
Chris Schneider
TransPac Software, Inc.
[hidden email]