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a little deterrent

Hello Nutch dev-list,

I was searching for search engines usable in our local intranet and had
a look
at nutch via the apache lucene website.

Just one remark besides nutch, lucene or search engines at all ...
Why do you put a: <search this site with google> box on top of
your page when you're developing a search engine ????

This is, to my mind, the worst thing you can do.It just says something
about nutch to any visitor at first glance.

So besides whatever you do my opinion would be to immediately replace
this box by using nutch to search the nutch site and also replace the text

As I searched the mailing list archives for nutch to see if this remark
has already been
made I found that the archive search is based in htdig .... what ???
--> Same as above. If you develop a search engine --- damn be the first
to use it ;)

Kind regards,