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Marc Sturlese
I have a doubt about how NRTCachingDirectory works.
As far as I've seen, it receives a delegator Directory and caches newly created segments. So, if MMapDirectory use to be the default:

1.- Does NRTCachingDirectory works acting sort of as a wrapper of MMap caching the new segments?

2.- If I have a master/slave setup and deploy a full optimized index with a single segment and the slave is configured with NRTCachingDirectory, will it try to cache that segment (I suppose not)?
And let's say I remove the replication, and start adding docs to that slave, creating small segments every 10 minutes, will by default the NRTCachingDirectory start caching this new small segments?
And finally, If I set up again the replication, when a full new index with single segment is deployed, how NRTCachingDirectory would behave?

Know it's not a typical use case, but would like to know how it behaves in those different situations.
Thanks in advance.