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analyzer in surround query parser


I am using Paul's awesome Surround Query Parser that utilizes SpanQuery family. I integrated it into Solr. Nested proximity searches perfectly works.

However it seems that it does not use an Analyzer to analyze query words.
The main reason I need an analyzer at query time is stemming.
(also deasciify filter) Because indexing time I use a stem filter.
I examined the source code but I couldn't find where to invoke/put analyzer. What is the easiest way to integrate an Analyzer to it?

And second it will be wonderful if I can set its default operator to OR.
Surround's syntax strictly wants terms to be separated one of operators. (OR, AND, w, n,  etc.)

I will be glad if you give me some advice about setting default operator and analyzer.

And double quoted phrase syntax isn't supported in Surround Query Parser, right? Instead of <"red flag"> I should use <red w flag>.

Thank you for your consideration.


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