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assistance with Apache Forrest

David Crossley
I did some research to find the ASF projects that
manage their websites with Apache Forrest, and am
sending similar email to each project's dev mail list.
Sent this to your general list, hoping that it will reach
sub-project people too.

The purposes of this email are to remind people
about some of the useful facilities of Forrest,
and also alert them to discussion about the status
and future directions of Forrest, and to appeal for
people to assist Forrest.

--- oOo ---

These are useful facilities to assist with developing
and managing a Forrest solution for your project's website.

"How to deploy documentation with the Forrestbot
svn workstage"
This explains how the Forrest project manages our
own documentation.

"Generate an ASF mirrors page using interactive web form"

"ForrestBar - Firefox toolbar to ease navigation
and search of Forrest resources"

"How to do development with Apache Forrest"

"Frequently Asked Questions"

"The Anakia output plugin"
This was developed to assist the old Incubator
website to stop using Forrest and export all content
to an Anakia "xdoc" format. From there it could used
by an Anakia-based build system, or be further transformed.

As usual, if you need further assistance with anything
then please ask on the Forrest mail lists.

--- oOo ---

There is discussion currently underway on the Forrest
dev mail list about the current status and future
direction of Forrest.

If anyone can assist Forrest, in any capacity, then
please do.