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Raghavendra Prabhu
protocol-httpclient uses this value fetcher.threads.fetch
protocol-http does not use fetcher.threads.fetch
Should not this value be used by protocol-http,protocol-file,protocol-ftp

Is this the protocol files which act as the control for this value?


The fetcher module? Fetcher.java

Any light on this would be helpful

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Whole Web Indexing

sudhendra seshachala
IS invertlinks supported or not ? I am using nutch 0.7.1. I am getting no class def found error. or should I use a compiled version.. Can some help me here ?  Whole-web: Indexing  Before indexing we first invert all of the links, so that we may index incoming anchor text with the pages.

bin/nutch invertlinks crawl/linkdb crawl/segments
  To index the segments we use the index command, as follows:

bin/nutch index indexes crawl/linkdb crawl/segments/*

  Sudhi Seshachala

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