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fuzzy query on phrases

Hi :)

I'm using Lucene 3.1 and I would like to use fuzzy query on a field
which contains the title of my document. This field is indexed and
stored using the standard analyzer.

I found the ComplexPhraseQueryParser class which seems to support fuzzy
option. Here is the code I'm using to create my query:

ComplexPhraseQueryParser parser = new
ComplexPhraseQueryParser(Version.LUCENE_31, "title", new
parser.setFuzzyMinSim(new Float(0.8));
Query queryElmt = parser.parse("the title to find");
query.add(queryElmt, Occur.MUST);

The boolean query at the end is for other fields with mandatory values.

The problem is the generated query is:

+(title:the title:title title:to title:find)

There is no sign of the fuzzy attribute (~0.8). Did I do something wrong?

ps: I know I can create a FuzzyQuery for each word of the title and add
them all to the boolean query. This works find but it is slow and I need
to do a lot of queries like this one.

Thank you :)

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