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Ilia S. Yatsenko
I'm start use 07-02 snapshot and hits.getTotal() return greater result value
than I have


I set hitsPerSite=1 and got 25 pages (10 per page) results but
hits.getTotal() shown 1212 results total


Than set hitsPerSite=0 and got all 122 pages


Why hits.getTotal() ignore hitsPerSite?


0.6 not have this issue



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Re: hits.getTotal()

Doug Cutting-2
Ilia S. Yatsenko wrote:
> Why hits.getTotal() ignore hitsPerSite?

hits.getTotal() always returns the total number of hits, regardless of
site.  hitsPerSite is a filter on hits as they are displayed.  This is
the way Google & Yahoo handle this too.  Search for "NutchAnalysis"
there.  If you look at the last page of hits you'll see they offer to
show you all hits, just like Nutch.