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[lucy-user] [ANNOUNCE] Apache Clownfish 0.6.0 released

Nick Wellnhofer-2

The Apache Lucy team is pleased to announce the release of
Apache Clownfish version 0.6.0!

The Apache Clownfish "symbiotic" object system pairs with "host"
programming language environments and facilitates the development
of high performance language extensions.

The main new features in Clownfish 0.6.0 are the ability to split
off test code into separate binaries and an improved directory
layout for installed Clownfish header files.

The Clownfish developers continue to work on support for
additional host languages. The current status is:

- C (feature-complete)
- Go (experimental)
- Perl 5 (feature-complete)
- Python 3 / CPython (in progress)
- Ruby / MRI (nascent)

Help wanted! If you would like to contribute to Clownfish, please
join the Apache Lucy developers mailing list.

For a full list of issues resolved in this version, please see the
release notes:


The most recent release can be obtained from our download page:


For general information on Apache Clownfish, please visit the Lucy
project website:



Nick Wellnhofer, on behalf of the Apache Lucy development team
and community