nutch/hadoop parameters for optimal performance

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nutch/hadoop parameters for optimal performance

Hilkiah Lavinier
Ok guys,

I once again need some advice here.  I have 4 dual proc quad core 1.8 xeon servers, each server has 4gb ram and runs linux.  I am using nutch svn (build #334 i think) and am using hadoop dfs.  I need to know what parameters I can set to get the optimal performance from these servers.  I  have a seed list of about 10,000 urls (ignore external link will be set to true).  My goal is to crawl in the shortest period of time.  Furthermore I intend to run one crawl (depth 5) and thus have one index.  

What advice would you give in terms of this approach and also in terms of nutch/hadoop variables/parameters and their settings.

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