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nutch search log and analysis tool?

AJ Chen-2
To promote open data on semantic web, I'm building a search engine focusing
on the R&D space. This community search site  - site is
powered by nutch, big thanks to nutch development community. It can search
html documents as well as semantic documents that are created with SPE and
BOON ontologies <>.
This effort is for supporting the scientific publishing task force under
W3C. The hope is that, through open development process, the R&D community
will be able to gradually figure out a better search engine that takes
advantage of the emerging semantic web layer.

Web2x search engine currently has over 2 million web documents from the R&D
space. But there is almost zero semantic document  since relevant ontologies
and semantic publishing tools <> have
just appeared. Hopefully, when people see their data can be searched and
shared more effectively on community search engines, they will put out more
and more raw data in semantic format.

Questions: How to configure nutch to write log messages into files during
search? Any recommendation for log analysis tool to understand the usage of
the search engine?

AJ Chen, PhD
Palo Alto, CA
"Open data on semantic web"