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object not parsed but indexed?

Michael Nebel

I'm testing the latest sources from svn and got a curiuos effect. By
default, .png files are not irgnored by the url-filters (perhaps they
should be added there). So the crawler loads them and generates the
following warning/error:

050728 170657 fetching http://www.nebel.de/img/logo-52x52.png
050728 170658 fetch okay, but can't parse
http://www.nebel.de/img/logo-52x52.png, reason: failed(2,203):
Content-Type not text/html: image/png

So far so good, but the parse error does not stop the crawler from
adding the object to the index. If you search, you get the image as a
regular result (without summary and a broken cache-link).

Is this a bug or a feature?



Michael Nebel