solr data serialization (python,json,ruby) as a standalone module

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solr data serialization (python,json,ruby) as a standalone module

Xiaoming Liu-2

I am trying to use Solr data serialization module in a separate project,
such as serializing my own Java object to xml, python, json, or ruby

I have a look at org.apache.solr.request and figure out what I have to do to
use Solr's serialization in a standalone way:

-- Turn the Java Object to a org.apache.solr.util.NamedList object

-- Extends SolrQueryRequestBase to create an empty SolrQueryRequest object
class EmptySolrQueryRequest extends SolrQueryRequestBase {
    public EmptySolrQueryRequest() {
        super(null, null);

    public IndexSchema getSchema() {
        return null;

    public SolrIndexSearcher getSearcher() {
        return null;

    public String getParam(String input) {
        if ("indent".equals(input))
            return "true";
            return null;

-- create a SolrQueryResponse object with my NamedList object and serialize

The whole process is pretty straightforward and doesn't need much code, as
Solr is clean in handling serialization, though I still need to poke inside
of Solr to write the code. So I wonder if I am doing the thing in a right
way? and is there a plan of pulling up that part of the code and make it
more straightforward for other applications?